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Game in Lab, supporting game research

What can science tell us about board games?

How could board games research be encouraged and disseminated?
How can the diffusion of scientific knowledge to practitioners, authors, toy librarians… be facilitated?
Which research protocols, which implementations?

Game in Lab program was launched in 2018 to explore these questions and promote collaboration between interdisciplinary researchers, game professionals and other board game fans.

A Multi-Faceted Vision of Board Games

The interface with video games, role-playing games (tabletop or life-size), escape games… can also be considered. Game in Lab supports and encourages research projects with international and interdisciplinary ambition.

The program was initiated by Asmodee Research and the Innovation Factory, two long-term partners committed for years to imagining the future of board games.

Asmodee Research is Asmodee’s department dedicated to promoting and developing interdisciplinary research projects on board games.
The Innovation Factory is a non-profit where member companies like Asmodee collaborate with a core of student contributors: the Web School Factory’s digital natives. Innovation Factory creates interaction modules and innovative courses to promote collaboration, training, and innovation.

Call for Proposals

Game in Lab’s yearly call for proposals supports scientific research projects in relation to board games. Elected projects receive a one time grant up to 15k€ from Game in Lab or Libellud Enterprise Foundation.

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