Game in Lab, Game Research Program

Game in Lab, Game Research Program

Game in Lab, program co-created by Asmodee, board games industry leader, and Innovation Factory, a French non-profit specialized in collective intelligence-based innovation, promotes the development and valorisation of board games as a source of societal value.

What does science know about board games?

How to encourage research on the game of society, disseminate it and facilitate its appropriation by practitioners, authors, libraries, …?

What research protocols, for which applications?

It is to explore these questions and to encourage the meeting between researchers of different specialties and actors of the playful world that the program « Game in Lab » was launched in 2018.

The board game is here understood in a broad sense. Interfaces with video games, role playing (table or life-size), escape games, … can be explored. The supported works are international in scope and interdisciplinary.

At the origin of this project, Asmodee Research and the Innovation Factory, two partners who have collaborated for several years to imagine the future of the board game.