Interview de Rebecca Bayeck, en charge du projet « Cultiver les communications interculturelles à travers le jeu de société : l’usage du jeu de plateau « Songo » comme moyen de développement de la cohésion sociale et de l’identité de la communauté au Cameroun» soutenu dans le cadre de notre appel à projets.

Could you definite the genesis of your project financed by Game in Lab ?

The project is an extension of my dissertation work, where I investigated the literacy practices Songo board game players in Cameroon engaged in during gameplay.

Could you please introduce us your project team ?

I will be working with Dr. Alex de Voogt, from Drew University, and I am currently in the process of adding another colleague, Dr. Tutaleni I Asino from Oklohoma State University.

 Les prochaines étapes ?/Which research results are you expecting ? What are the next steps ?

I plan to present my results at conferences, and publish in peer-review journals

What kind of message could you send to the both scientific and boardgame communities ?

Board games have historically been studied by researchers in fields such as cognitive psychology, history, arts, and archaeology. Yet, board games tend to be ignored in the fields of learning sciences and game studies. It is critical to bring board games to the forefront of these fields not only because of the resurgence of board games in recent years, but also because they provide an opportunity to understand how people learn and interact in the wild, through one of the oldest technologies. 

A motto to conclude ?

As you think so you are!

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