Game In Lab
supporting game research

Game in Lab's mission is to contribute to the recognition and visibility of analog games.


Our objective is threefold:

Supporting the production of scientific knowledge on board and analog games, following a multi-disciplinary approach spanning social and exact sciences.

Creating spaces to encourage dialogue, where researchers, practitioners and players can meet and exchange on their practices, contributing to the vitality of the community.

Encouraging mixed collaborations between researchers, gaming professionals, authors, and other industry professionals to generate new research protocols, forms of mediation, and games.


Our vision of board and analog games is broad, leading to the exploration of video-game interfaces, life-size role-playing games, escape games and many more.

We aim to support bodies of work of international and interdisciplinary importance.

Our mission includes the financing of research projects, scientific dissemination, and events organization or support.

Scientific actions are carried out under the supervision of the Scientific Committee, which defines the thematic axes and endorses the scientific and ethical direction of the program.

Annual call for projects

Each year, Game in Lab offers financial support to scientific research projects in relation to priority investigation themes. This call for projects aligns with its objective of developing board game research, scientific popularization, and collaborations between researchers and practitioners.

We financially support short research projects (6 to 12 months) or create connections between actors in this ecosystem.

Special attention is given to the development of young researchers, to encourage them to participate in international conferences or publish their work.

Supported teams and researchers are encouraged to share their work during events organized by Game in Lab and to participate in scientific dissemination and popularization actions.

Scientific committee

The Scientific Committee ensures the scientific and ethical direction of the program, and the selection of the annual call for projects.

the Team

Gabrielle Fauste

Game in Lab's co-director

Mikael Le Bourhis

Head of Asmodee Research, Game in Lab's co-director

Paul drapeau


Community Manager

Léa Martinez

Game in LabPhD Student
Asmodee Research's PR Manager


In charge of research, Game in Lab's PhD Student


In charge of research, Game in Lab's PhD Student

our Founding Members

Asmodee Group is the European leader in board games and trading card games distribution. It is also a recognized publisher with many worldwide successes such as the famous Jungle Speed.

Asmodee Research is the department of the Asmodee Group dedicated to supporting scientific research into gaming. We are convinced of the importance of promoting scientific production to highlight the benefits of board games. This will help the entire sector.

Innovation Factory
Innovation Factory, an active and open ecosystem dedicated to the digital transformation of companies. Innovation Factory was created in 2013 to meet the needs of businesses to accelerate their transformation and rise to digital challenges. It is a non-profit association made up of partner companies and a core of contributing students: the digital natives from the Web School Factory, a 5-year post-baccalaureate school that trains future digital managers. The Innovation Factory’s mission is to create innovative interaction and course modules to promote collaboration, training, and innovation.