Game in Lab celebrates the achievement of its first Ph.D. student, Léa Martinez

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Three years after joining the research and development department of Asmodee under a CIFRE contract, its mission accomplished for Léa Martinez, the first Ph.D. student to complete her thesis in cognitive psychology. Her research titled “Effects of Board Game Practice on Cognitive Functioning: From Adolescence to Adulthood” was lead at the CeRCA Lab (Center for Research on Cognition and Learning) at the University of Poitiers, under the direction of Pr. Eric Lambert  and Pr. Manuel Gimenes.

On January 10th, Léa presented the results of her research to colleagues, partners, and guests from academic and industrial backgrounds.

During her presentation, Léa explained that one of the initial questions addressed in this research project was to see if board games had similar effects to video games on players’ attention. She then went on to outline the main objectives of her thesis, including testing the effects of modern board game practice on cognitive functions and the research process and protocol put in place to achieve her results.

Léa’s research project results shed new light on the fascinating relationship between cognitive functions and the world of board games and will certainly help establish the academic groundwork for a research field that continues to generate interest over the years.

The entire Game in Lab team warmly congratulates Léa on this great achievement and invites you to revisit the best-of video of her thesis presentation to learn more about the subject.