Game PLA[AI] – Game Participation : Live analysis by Artificial Intelligence

The Game PLA[AI] project aims to develop a data analysis method for play sessions available for the board game research community.

Relying on artificial intelligence (AI) in a field where it is scarcely used, this project’s objective is to make a new approach of datas available for the game community and a special backing for engineering jobs.

Project Leaders

François Johany is an engineer at the French research organism Inrae. His main missions consist of geographical information processing for map analysis and conception (Géomatique). He locates research fields, research informations to contextualize subjects, animate workshops about maps, data science, directs valorisation videos (PSDR Inventer) and small movies to present projects (projet TELETIQ).

Research Organization

INRAE, National Research Institute for agriculture, alimentation and environment

Research Team

  • Sylvain Dermat (Plateforme GAMAE, UMR Territoires, INRAE)
  • Jocelyn de Goer (Plateforme Collab.IA, UMR EpiA, INRAE)
  • Séverine Bord (Plateforme Cortext, UMR, LISIS, INRAE)
  • Simon Sayegh (UMR, SADAPT INRAE)